With the imminent release of FIFA 23, the legendary sports brand will have crossplay.

The franchise has been available on several platforms for over 20 years, and for the first time, Playstation and Xbox players will be able to play together.

However, crossplay has a greater impact on the brand, particularly with the FUT (Fifa Ultimate Team) mode.

FUT is the most recognisable feature in FIFA history, generating hundreds of millions of dollars in revenue while pushing gameplay upgrades and controlling the majority of players’ time spent in the game.

With the addition of crossplay, FUT will undergo significant adjustments.

For the first time, FUT gamers on different consoles will be able to play with and against each other. They can play with friends who own any version of the game on any console, and online matchmaking will be cross-platform.

This is incredibly exciting for a whole bunch of gamers who will be able to play with a completely new set of folks.

The major difference, though, is how the FUT 23 transfer markets will be altered.

The marketplace is where crossplay will have the most influence in FIFA. This is where FUT players go to buy new football players for their teams.

Throughout the game’s yearly cycle, many various sorts of cards are launched and made accessible in the marketplace, such as Team of the Week, Gold and promo cards, and Icons, all of which have yet to be announced.

The distinction will be stark because PlayStation, Xbox, and Stadia will be completely merged. What was formerly a market of 800,000-1,500,000 million cards and commodities in each distinct system will now be unified.

Assuming identical player bases, the combined marketplace will be three times the size of the previous single console marketplace from Fifa 22.

A massive marketplace like no other is sure to cause significant changes to the trade system that gamers are accustomed to.

Whether you’re looking to invest in specific cards, try to acquire a favourite player, or simply buy low and sell high, the market is bound to be highly diverse.

One important source of concern is the state of the PC market. Users that purchase FIFA through Steam or another distributor will discover that things remain unique, as they have in previous years of FIFA. In essence, crossplay will have no effect on the PC market.