FIFA 23 could see some radical changes from EA Sports, with leakers reporting the position-changing features in Ultimate Team are slated for major overhauls. According to well-respected leakers from FUT, FIFA 23 will completely rework the way positional modifiers function within Ultimate Team; a central feature left untouched for years. This change will surely be a hit amongst Ultimate Team players, with the primary and sub positions being a topic of discussion within the FUT community for years.

Aside from the one listed above, we believe that FIFA 23 will feature a minimum of changes. We do not expect an Ultimate Edition, but should this change; we will keep you posted. Typically, when a new FIFA title comes out, an Ultimate Edition is revealed, but this could change if the title becomes genuinely free-to-play. Details for FIFA 23 are a bit light at this point, but EA Sports does not shake up the formula much regarding the annual FIFA releases from EA Sports.

The gaming community is enjoying FIFA 22, but players are looking forward to the next instalment, just like they have been doing all along. For soccer fans, EA Sports’ latest FIFA title is the go-to title, and we think FIFA 23 will not be different. With its latest squad sheets, updated player ratings, and graphics that will make your shin pads explode, we cannot wait until the FIFA 23 release date. Also, reports have emerged of EA Sports adding the men’s and women’s World Cups to this year’s version of the long-running FIFA franchise.

According to a report from earlier in the year, FIFA 23 will also have crossplay functionality for the first time, meaning players on all consoles can experience all the modes in the titular competition. Things may be drastically different for FIFA 23 once crossplay is implemented. Cross-play will allow players on PlayStation, Xbox, and PC to play each other. And this is not only for the US version of football. The second way that crossplay would enhance PS5.The game’s Ultimate Team is through creating an overarching transfer market.

Possibly the most popular promotion in all of FIFA, Team of the Year, rewards top players in each major league for their performances during a season of actual soccer. The most prestigious and costly card of each season of FIFA 22 Ultimate Team, Team of the Year, takes the best players of the past 12 months and gives them a staggering statistical increase. Road To The Knockout is another new FIFA 22 Ultimate Team promotion, celebrating three European competitions clubs are eligible to play in for the 2021-22 season: Champions League, Europa League, and Europa Conference.