Cristiano Ronaldo’s overall rating in FIFA 23 has been significantly reduced. The Portuguese superstar has shared the spotlight with rival Lionel Messi as two of the sport’s finest players, and their decorated careers have been reflected in their FIFA ratings over the years.

Experienced FIFA gamers will be aware that, regardless of his rating, the lethal marksman has historically been among the finest players in the series.

However, with a significant decrease in his speed in the most recent FIFA title, fans will be curious to see if Ronaldo is still effective in the game.

With the addition of Hypermotion 2.0, FIFA 23 has true animations, aesthetics, and game mechanics, making it the most realistic depiction of the sport in the franchise’s history.

This has enabled EA Sports to bring back players who were deemed unplayable in prior incarnations of the game and reproduce their real-life abilities on the virtual field.

Cristiano Ronaldo’s overall rating has been reduced somewhat, as he is now ranked 90 in FIFA 23. He has five-star abilities with a four-star weak foot and the following stats in the six important areas:

Pace: 81

Dribbling: 85

Shooting: 92

Defending: 34

Passing: 78

Physicality: 75

While his shooting, dribbling, and passing attributes seem to accurately reflect his performances in recent years, the massive nerf to his pace seems rather uncalled for, as Ronaldo is still capable of covering ground quickly.

Because of the new AcceleRATE system in FIFA 23, supporters will be relieved to know that despite the fall in his pace stat, Ronaldo’s viability in-game has not decreased.

Pace isn’t as important in the latest version of FIFA, thus Ronaldo can be used in all game styles. In Ultimate Team, though, he is more lethal than ever.

FUT veterans understand how chemistry types may be used to increase specific player numbers.

The Architect chemistry style is one of the most sought-after consumable products in the current edition of FIFA since it delivers a +15 boost to strength, allowing players to transform some players into the long acceleration type.

Longer characters are overpowered in the game because their galloping running animation allows them to outperform anyone over extended distances.

Their dominant physical presence makes them incredibly tough to depose. Cristiano Ronaldo may be transformed to a longer player by using an Architect chemistry style, making the pace nerf practically invisible.

With pace no longer a concern, Cristiano Ronaldo is nearly the ideal FUT attacker. He possesses unique dribbling animations, five-star skill moves, and accurate shooting from all ranges.

His muscular presence and ability to leap over the opposition’s defence make him a threat on set-piece plays as well.

So the answer is yes. Have him in your ultimate team!