FIFA fans are hoping for better player switching in this year’s game.

There has been growing dissatisfaction with last year’s FIFA 22 due to an alleged ‘delay’ when attempting to switch players, which can often have serious consequences during a match.

This is said to affect both standard ‘quick’ L1/LB switching as well as right stick switching, which is preferred by more experienced players.

There are also claims that when using L1 / LB switching, the in-game AI selects an ineffective player, which can eat up valuable seconds and give your opponent an advantage.

One gamer on the FIFA Reddit wrote: “L1 switching is terrible (FIFA”s AI is very very bad). Quite often, L1 doesn’t switch and when it does, it’s to a pretty poor option. L1 switching when defending in box is also a real nightmare.”

They continued: “Then right stick switching is horrible. Was bad at start of the year then they made it even worse with the patch to select the defenders more often. Now, you can gently push the right stick towards a midfielder closest to the ball and it’d select a defender way out. Right stick switching when in box is abysmal.”

FIFA 23 is currently in Closed Beta, which does not represent the final quality of the game. As a result, impressions and reviews of the beta are not permitted.

However, if key gameplay elements like this are raised, there is hope that EA will take notice and look to make changes before the game’s launch on September 30.

Consider the Pro Clubs. When the community brought this up after it appeared to be left off the list for cross-play, EA responded and gave the community some hope. So they’re paying attention; we’ll just have to wait and see.

In the meantime, the annual Pre-Season campaign in FIFA 22 has begun in preparation for the release of FIFA 23.

FIFA 23 Early Access

The game is expected to be available for pre-order on September 24. FIFA 22 could be pre-loaded on September 25, two days before the official release.

Pre-ordering FIFA 23 Ultimate Edition is the most convenient way for most gamers to get their hands on FIFA 23 early.

Keep in mind that this is only available for the Ultimate Edition. The Standard Edition of FIFA 23 does not have Early Access.

Another way to get early access to the game is to join EA Play, which will provide you with 10 hours of gameplay beginning September 27.

EA Play costs $4.99 a month and gives you access to a select number of top titles, rewards, member-only content, and unlimited access. Play Pro comes in at $14.99 per month, and gives you unlimited access to the entire EA game portolio in the service.