As the 2022 FIFA World Cup, which is expected to take place in Qatar later this year, approaches, FIFA, the governing body of world football, has suggested an extension of the base length of Football matches. A report emerged on Wednesday saying FIFA is considering hosting the World Cup in Qatar in 2022. Now FIFA risks further hindering its plans to host the 2022 World Cup as it seeks to introduce 100-minute matches for the World Cup. FIFA’s governing body for football is currently downplaying this increase and has released a statement saying that changes to the duration of football matches will not occur at the upcoming 2022 FIFA World Cup in Qatar. FIFA has clarified the situation and confirmed that no rule changes would be made regarding Qatar’s 2022 FIFA World Cup or any other FIFA competition. FIFA is looking forward to the entry into force of changes related to the holding of the World Cup.

While Gianni Infantino has proposed new rule changes, they must be approved by the FIFA Board of Directors (IFEB) before being formally implemented in football. FIFA’s president, FIFA’s Gianni Infantino, said that FIFA plans to increase the length of matches from 90 to 100 minutes in an interview. An official FIFA statement on Wednesday confirmed that the size of the game would not change, as some early reports had suggested.

Widespread media suggested that FIFA could make changes to allow fans to see the ball in play more often. According to Corriere Dello Sport, through Football Italia, football’s governing body, FIFA has tried to increase the playing time by 10 minutes to fight the ball in play during matches. Social media and some more traditional news outlets, such as the Italian sports newspaper Corriere Dello Sport, have reported that World Football Governing Body President Gianni Infantino was considering encouraging referees to extend recovery times by extending games up to 100 minutes to compensate. During that time, the ball is not in play.

FIFA will invite more teams to the 2026 FIFA tournament in the US, Mexico and Canada. Forty-eight teams reached the final for the first time. The idea is that the European Championships and Copa America are held two years before the World Cup, while the FIFA Confederations Cup is held the year before the World Cup in the host country. Considering the 2022 FIFA World Cup rehearsals, the FIFA Confederations Cup will use about half of the venues for competition in subsequent years and automatically qualify host countries with two years of high-level playing experience. FIFA then retroactively recognised the first two FIFA Confederations Cups, but teams refused to play on four occasions.