It’s been an odd week for EA, which admits to making a number of mistakes with specific cards in Ultimate Team.

They briefly pulled the 83-90 x5 Player Pick SBC from the game last week due to users obtaining only five gold players instead of six, with afflicted players receiving a fresh pack in the store.

However, it appears that another issue has been discovered by gamers who have visited their individual FUT clubs this morning.

While EA has yet to comment on this, some FIFA 22 influencers have noticed that a 90-rated version of Eriksen’s card has been added to their team, replacing the gold card that was previously present.

This translates to a rating rise of eight, with significantly improved stats and at no cost to the player.

Many social media users have claimed to have leaked player items that would be released during the FIFA 22 Fantasy FUT promo ahead of the campaign’s launch.

According to FIFA 22 Twitter user @FutSheriff, Eriksen will be released as an SBC reward during the fresh new promotion.

And it looks that EA has morphed every Eriksen Brentford FUT 22 player item, including those dormant and unused in FUT 22 clubs all across the world, into Eriksen’s new 90-rated Fantasy FUT player item, which has yet to be officially launched.

In actuality, this item was launched into FIFA 22 prior to the official debut of the Fantasy FUT promotion as a whole.

Some of these player things appear to be tradeable as well, depending on whether or not people had a tradable version of Eriksen’s rare gold 82-rated Brentford item.

This was also relayed by FIFA 22 News on Twitter, who added that this card is fully tradeable and has a 10k max price, advising all players to check their respective clubs.

In addition to the improper FUT Birthday Token Swap SBCs, FIFA 22 players were able to include Prime Icon Moments player items in their Mid/Prime Icon Player Picks, with EA stating that they will be contacting the affected players.

EA Sports has thus far paid gamers for the Mid/Prime Icon Player Pick and 83-90 Player Pack SBC errors.